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Advanced Search in Gmail - How To Find The Exact Email

Gmail has a very handy filtering tool that helps to arrange email history in correct and convenient order, sorting messages by labels, folders, sending unwanted newsletters to spam, etc. Everything is great, except one thing: sometimes the filtering parameters are very complicated, and it’s hard to create a filter that satisfies your criteria in full.

advanced search in gmail

For this you need an advanced filter based on advanced search by a few parameters combined into one with the help of Boolean operators:

  • OR is used to search emails that satisfy either of listed conditions.
  • ‘-‘ is used to exclude emails from search results. If you set a query “Google-gmail”, you will get emails that contain a word Google but have no gmail word.
  • “ “ is used to search for emails that contain the exact expression in quotes
  • () is used for grouping words in a query.

For instance, if you set a search query like this: from:[email protected] (party OR weekend), you will get messages from [email protected] that contain either party or weekend word. Remember that you can search by fields, like from:, subject:, to:, etc. After search query is formed and you got search results, press on More button and choose ‘Filter messages like this’. Then set actions for filtered messages and that’s all!

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