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Effective Anti-Spam Actions

yahoo faxThe thing that really can kill spam is the absence of profits from spam ads. If it doesnít bring money, no one will use this kind of advertisements. That is why the best measure against spam is ignoring all links and information in the emails by filtering and deleting such emails. But this is not the only possible thing.

Spam is out of rules and ethics, and there are some actions that may cause troubles for those who distribute it. If to find out the source of spam, the IP address of spammer, you can send a complaint to their ISP. Internet provider will close this account and even make its owner to pay some fee.

As spammers know about such possibility, they do everything they can to hide their original coordinates. You will not see them in your email body or header. Usually junk emails and names are used in spam messages. However, this information exists, and special tools can extract it.

One of such tools is SpamCop. This program analyzes every bit of data sent to you in spam emailís header, outputting the IP address of the source of spam. If you are really fed up with some obtrusive spammers, just apply this tool to get a real pleasure of revenge : )

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