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Learn how to convert any number of emails in four simple steps.
The Best Tools Used For Conversion And Knowing How To Convert Email Into PDF

Converting all your emails into PDF files
It is important to know how to convert email into PDF. And all this is made easier through the Kite Email converter software. The Kite Email converter is the best converter available at affordable prices. They can convert emails from any servers.

They will give you step by step guide on how to convert outlook emails to PDF. The Kite Email converter converts email from the below given mail server. '

  1. Outlook
  2. Outlook Express
  3. Thunderbird
  4. Gmail
  5. Yahoo!
  6. Windows Live

emails into pdf

Kite converter allows the following output format for the emails:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • DOC
  • XLS
  • TXT
  • TIFF

Process and steps for converting your mails into another format
Kite converters can convert email from any of the above email servers. If you want to know how to convert an email into a PDF file, look no further than Kite Converters. They also ensure that any attachments which are there with the email are also converted automatically. Kite Converters do not require you to export any email prior to converting them. They can work on any platform and even native email formats. Also ay email which comes with an attachments or a file in any format also gets automatically converted with Kite Convertor. So if you have an unzipped attachments, documents or even images, the Kite Converter will convert all of them into one PDF. You can also add headers and footers in the output file to make it easier to read and refer to. The output files from Kite Convertor are well structured.

The convertor does not stop just at that. If you are wondering how to save outlook emails as a file, Kite Converter also takes care of that. It has a built in re-namer. This re-namer allows give all the output files new descriptive names. Hence you can save and store you files as per your convenience. The interface used by Kite Convertor is extremely easy to use. If you are a first time user with no experience in handling such work, Kite Convertor makes it easy for all. The converter automatically connects itself to your mail box. The interface is user friendly with lots of new hints for new users. So you do not have to fret and rack your brains and be on your nerves for doing such an easy thing.

More features on Kite Converter
If you are wondering how to save outlook emails as PDF you need the help of the Outlook converter from Kite Converter. Outlook saves it mails in PST format. Once you download the PST converter, saving files becomes easier. There is no need to export the file before conversion. The converter attaches itself to the mail box directly. You can convert single mail, a batch of mails to PST. Alternately you can convert you Inbox, Sent, Outbox and Draft emails together or individually. The properties for the output file can be set by you while converting the same. Files can be renamed and dates given for easy reference.