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How To Convert Outlook Emails With Attached Images
Some emails contain illustration to the main message attached in some graphic files. Converting emails without attached images has no sense, as in such a way important details may be lost. In this case it is recommended to use an email converter that is able to process emails properly. There are no problems in converting emails together with their attachments if using Kite Outlook Converter. The program extracts images from the emails and can process then in a few ways:
  • Save attachment information
  • Save attached images into a separate folder
  • Unpack attached images if they are zipped
  • Insert attached images into converted email copies.

You can choose either of these variants, depending on your needs. When you convert emails to PDF, it will be convenient to insert the attached images into PDF copies. If you convert files to TX format, it will be more reasonable to save attached images into a separate folder.

Regardless of the method you choose the order of actions for processing attached images will be the same. To include images into conversion process you need:

  1. Open Kite Outlook Converter. It will automatically connect to your Outlook
  2. Select source emails from the mailbox
  3. Choose target format for converting emails
  4. Go to Attachments inlay of the popup settings wizard
  5. Choose the method of processing attachments you wish and press Start!

Such approach to converting emails is very useful, when you convert them for creating backup storage. In such a way the data from emails will be backed up in full, without losing any important information.

Even if your images are attached in the archive, Kite Outlook Converter is able to unpack them and save in a folder, so that they won’t be lost. To do this you just need to check off ‘Unpack attached images’ in the options list.