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Learn how to convert any number of emails in four simple steps.
How to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF Format?
Microsoft Outlook is considered to be the enterprise email solution, which is packaged with the Microsoft Office application suite. It is updated once in few years so as to integrate extra security aspects and an enhanced ability to offer support for the importation and export across different file mediums and types. Many users wonder how to convert Outlook email to PDF. There’s nothing to be concerned as Outlook also supports the conversion process of email messages to word files or PDF files beginning with the Microsoft Office suite equipped with Windows Vista and XP without the need to pay for extra conversion software to accomplish the work.

How to Save Outlook Email as PDF?

Several users look for the ability to save Outlook emails in PDF format as it is frequently needed for easy access to emails and long-term storage. A product called MessageSave from Microsoft makes this task easier. For those who are confused how to save Outlook email as PDF, here’s a brief rundown of the simple process.

  • If you don’t have PDF printer software, download and install PDF Creator and set it as your default printer.
  • If you already have one, choose all the Outlook email messages that you want to convert to PDF.
  • Choose the MessageSave Outlook toolbar option and enable the ‘Print’ button.
  • Click on ‘Save Now’.
  • All the chosen messages will be converted from Outlook email format to PDF format according to the settings of your printer.

The same kind of process can be followed to form an Outlook rule to convert all the incoming mails to PDF format automatically. Here are the steps:

  1. After downloading and installing PDF Creator and setting it to be your default printer, form an Outlook rule that matches the messages that you would want to save in PDF format.
  2. When a pop-up appears asking ‘What do you want to do with the message?’ enable the ‘Perform a custom action’ choice.
  3. Choose the ‘custom action’ option in the ‘Rule Description’ window.
  4. When you get the ‘Choose an action to be performed’ drop-box, choose the ‘MessageSave’ option.
  5. Now, click the ‘Change…’ button.
  6. Choose ‘Save Message’ and ensure that you enable the ‘Print’ option as this is the one that saves your messages to PDF file.
  7. Select the ‘OK’ tab so that the rule options are saved.
  8. Select the ‘OK’ tab in the ‘Select Custom Action’ pane.
  9. Finally, finish forming the rule.

Learning how to save Outlook emails as a file will be handy for variety of reasons. By following the above process, Outlook users can easily and quickly create various kinds of content in PDF format after installation of Adobe Acrobat Professional. Similarly, they can also be converted to word files. Adobe Acrobat also features a dedicated Outlook add-in that allows the user to convert selected messages or a single message to a PDF-file.