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Creating Email Folders In Outlook Express And Windows Live Mail

create email folders It may seem weird, but still a lot of us don’t know about ability to create new folders in mail client to sort emails conveniently. Besides the standard Inbox, Sent and others you can make custom email folders in almost all clients. Microsoft Outlook Express supports this option too, as well as Windows Live Mail.

By making new folders and sorting rules, you can create automatic email sorting to prevent mess in your Inbox. That really helps to differ, for instance, business emails from personal. The procedure of adding a new folder is almost similar in both mail clients:

  • First hit your Inbox and go to File menu.
  • Choose Folder -> Create new folder… (In Windows Live Mail v2011 the same item is selected by going to Folder tab -> New Folder)
  • Put in the name of future folder in proper field
  • Select a mail folder where a new folder will be located.
  • Besides putting a new folder to existing one, you can locate it on the same level with others by highlighting Local Folders option.
  • Press OK.

After all necessary folders are created, you can set filters that will sort your existing and future mails properly.