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Emails Now Are OK With Images Inside

forget email password Google never stops in improvements. The latest innovation in Gmail is ability to show images inside emails. It is always better to show than to describe in words, and this mail client understands it. It’s great to send email postcards or photos right inside email body. Just do this:

  1. Turn on rich editing while writing a message (uncheck ‘Plain text mode’ in ‘More options’ menu of email draft)
  2. Press on ‘+’ and select Insert photos
  3. Set the path to desired file in your memory, wait until it is uploaded and press OK.
  4. You can also copy-paste the image into your message by using common combinations of Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V in Google Chrome
  5. Besides uploading photos from PC you can upload photo from the web, specifying its URL.

You can resize each inserted picture to make it fit the message. The service is described for the new Gmail interface, but it is available in classic view too. The option is available through Rich formatting menu list.

It is interesting what will be the next update from Google. Now you can even show a YouTube video inside Gmail email. Will it be an option to turn on some music track while recipient is reading the email?