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Learn how to convert any number of emails in four simple steps.
How to convert an email into a PDF?
Why convert to PDF?

People convert emails these days to mostly archive them and keep it as a record or backup of the emails they have sent or received. These days are thousands of software from free to paid ones that offer conversions of any type of file and even emails to PDF format. Now you’re probably wondering how do I with little or no tech knowledge find out how to convert email to PDF?

Get a PDF printer

No, we are not asking you to go out and buy a second printer just for the sole purpose of converting your emails into PDFs. A PDF printer basically performs like normal printing software. You do not need any hardware to support it and you do not need any technical knowledge about how can I save an email as a PDF. All you have to do is hit the ‘print’ command for the email or string of emails that you want saved as a PDF and save it. Voila! Your email has been saved as a PDF. The software really does all the work for you while you click away at those buttons.

How to convert email into PDF?

Like we explained it’s really very simple and requires you to have zero tech know-how about how to convert a email to PDF. Now the first thing you need to do is figure out which email client you are using. It could be Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo or even Windows Live. Different clients have different add-ins or methods of saving your emails as PDF. Let’s take a closer look at two of the most popular clients Outlook and Gmail.


Gmail allows you to save emails to PDFs with any adjustments to their ‘Lab’ feature or even adding on any extensions. Let’s see how to convert an email to a PDF file:

  1. Open the email in Gmail that you want saved as a PDF. Click on the icon that looks like a printer on the top right hand corner of the opened email [right next to the subject line].
  2. A page opens up asking for more printing details. On the left hand panel check for a field that says ‘Destination’ and click on ‘Change’.
  3. Once you click on change a pop-up opens up asking you to ‘Select a destination’. Simply click on the first destination you see under ‘Local destinations’ called ‘Save as PDF’.
  4. The next time you attempt to ‘Print’ a document Gmail will automatically remember your destination as ‘Save to PDF’ and choose to just that.


Even though Outlook 2007 and 2010 do not have an option for you to save emails as PDFs you can still convert them via other methods like:

  1. PDF Printers – Like we discussed earlier these ape normal printer like functions and when you click to print an email it will actually just convert them to PDFs and ask to be renamed and saved in your desired location.
  2. Adobe Acrobat – This is an expensive alternative to many of the free PDF printers out there but it is still widely used software. It lets you convert single email or even folders and you can encrypt your PDFs to secure them.
  3. Save it as a PDF add-in - This is a feature that can be found in Sperry Software. It works the same way as Adobe Acrobat, but is a more economical option.

So now you do not have to worry about finding out how to convert emails to PDF as you already know.