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Learn how to convert any number of emails in four simple steps.
How to Write Emails With The Help Of QR Code

QR code may contain any text information that can be read by special utilities – QR code readers. By scanning a QR code with URL you can easily get to a website without typing a URL by hands. QR codes may contain URLs, contact information, advertisements, etc. The same way you can turn an email message into a QR code. By reading this QR code user will open it in his mail client and will be able to read it, edit or send. It means less typing on mobiles! The template of QR code email can be written in either ‘mailto’ syntax or MATMSG. This is a MATMSG sample:

[email protected];
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[type your comment here]
[Your Name];;

These are three fields – mailto, subject and body. After the mail template is composed, you need to put it into a QR code generator, and it will produce a graphic code. Our email looks like this:
emails with qr code

After scanning this picture you will get the email template opened in your email program. You can just edit it by adding your comment to and send to us. Soon you will see the comment appeared under this post.