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Export PST to JPEG
One of the most popular e-mail programs, MS Outlook stores messages locally in PST file. If you would like to turn your e-mails into lightweight images, all you need is to export PST to JPEG with the help of Kite Outlook Converter. JPEG is the most compact image format without limitations in colors and quality. It will be comfortable to share such images online, insert them into electronic documents or simply store in computer.

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The way this Outlook converter turns e-mails from PST to JPEG images is very simple. You connect to proper PST file, select messages and format for conversion, make settings (if needed) and press Start! button. Besides simplicity in use, Kite converter has other advantages, like the following:

  • Batch conversion support
  • Ability to convert e-mail body separately from other fields
  • Processing attached files together with e-mails
  • Built-in e-mail viewer to sort out required messages
  • Command line support

Thanks to batch conversion exporting PST to JPEG becomes fast, as you can convert all required messages together, in one cycle. No repeated adjustments are required. Converting e-mail body separately from other non-important fields is useful, if you want to get rid of any additional information, such as addresses or senders/recipients, subject, date, etc. Such PST export is much more efficient, as it exports only the data you need. If your attachments also contain important information, convert them in the same way as messages. You can make the program store them in separate folder or convert them to JPEG. Attached images can be inserted into JPEG e-mail copy.

Command line support gives ability to run conversions from the command line. You can set the command manually or use .bat file, generated by the program. In the settings wizard you can find the button for creating command file. It generates the file based on parameters set by user.

Try Kite Outlook Converter now, it is available for download here.

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