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Export PST to TIFF
It is not easy to convert e-mails to graphics. If you run MS Outlook mail program and would like to convert e-mails to images, you can do this with the help of Kite Outlook Converter. Outlook keeps encoded e-mails in PST file located on your computer. Kite converter can read such files, exporting PST to TIFF or another format from the list of available ones. Using this converting utility, you can export e-mails from PST to TIFF or JPEG.

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In image format the message has a range of advantages. First of all, it is perfect for sharing online, if you do not want the text information to be modified. Also text in the image is much harder to copy or hack. Kite Outlook Converter offers adjustable e-mails conversion, and the result will surpass your expectations. For export PST to TIFF the following settings are available:

  • Specifying the fields for conversion (body, subject, recipient, etc.)
  • Adding header and footer
  • Paper formatting
  • TIFF compression
  • File name template (for batch conversion)
  • Attachments processing mode

All these options help to adjust the future TIFF copies to contain only information you need and look as you would like. By applying compression, you can cut TIFF copies in size, to save your memory space. Compress TIFF files are much more suitable for sharing online. This Outlook converter offers 7 types of compression which different quality levels.

When you convert many e-mail messages in batch, you can export each one into separate TIFF file or combine all messages into one TIFF image. When filename template is set, batch PST export outputs a set of TIFF files named in proper order. As a template you can use e-mail date and ID, or any other set of fields. Get Kite Outlook Converter here and enjoy it for 30 days for free.

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