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Learn how to convert any number of emails in four simple steps.
Export PST to TXT
If you donít know how to read PST file created by your MS Outlook mail program, you can either open it inside the client or export PST to TXT file. The second variant is a perfect one, if you need to extract only text information from your mail history and use it in different documents. If you lose access to your mail account, in such a way you can restore your mail history.

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A program that can do such type of conversion effectively is Kite Outlook Converter. This all-in-one utility for converting Outlook e-mail storage can turn PST file into TXT, Doc, RTF, PDF, TIFF documents, making the information encoded in PST suitable for various uses. For PST export to TXT you will only need to perform a few simple actions:

  • Load PST file into the program
  • Select e-mail originals for export
  • Specify TXT as a target format
  • Adjust conversion parameters
  • Start conversion process

These steps are followed by each other automatically, so the process of exporting PST to TXT is very easy. You can skip making settings, if you want to save time and have no specific requirements to the format of output TXT copies. There are no formatting settings for converting to TXT, as this is a format that allows storing only plain text.

A big advantage of this Outlook converter is batch conversion support. You can convert many files at once, so you donít need to process each e-mail separately. For more comfort the program offers to set file name template for future TXT copies, to sort then in the right order after conversion. There is also ability to combine all e-mails into one TXT file. This is a suitable solution for creating e-mail backup.

Kite Outlook Converter is available for download, so you can try it now in free trial.

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