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How to Export Contacts From Free Hotmail

If you are running free Hotmail and would like to change it to another client, saving all contacts, you will need to export your contact list from Hotmail. It is easy:

  • Go to Contacts in the Hotmail menu
  • Press Print View and select the required contacts from the table (there will be names, email addresses and phones of your contacts)
  • Copy the selected information (Ctrl-C in Windows or Command-C in Mac)
  • Go to any table editor like MS Excel or OpenOffice, create a new document
  • Paste the copied info there
  • You can sort out and rearranged the data in the table proper to your needs.
  • Save the document in CSV format.

The most of programs like Gmail or Outlook allow importing addresses from a CSV file. And this is where you can use your CSV contacts storage. Before such import it is useful to clean the spreadsheet from wrong email addresses and other info. For instance, very often address is saved to the Name column, and E-Mail column is empty or contains a whitespace. Make sure there is no such mismatching in your storage before importing it to a new email client.

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