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Sending Faxes From Yahoo Mail

yahoo faxYahoo Mail service provides a lot of useful add-ons for business, and one of them is fax service. You can send faxes right from your Yahoo board. There is no need for a hardware fax machine. This is how it works:

  • You need to register on one of the email-to-fax online services. There are a lot of to choose from, like RingCentral Fax, eXtremeFax, Nextiva Fax, etc.

  • After this you will get a personal fax number

  • Sign into your account on Yahoo mail and try to compose a common email. If it is fax message, you need to fill in To: field with recipient’s fax number + address of your fax provider. For instance, the address will look like: (777)[email protected]

  • Compose a fax message like usual email body. You can add attachments as well, this can be txt, doc, rtf, jpg, pdf or html files.

  • Press “Send” button.

After this composed fax message will be sent to specified number. After delivering this message, you will be sent a notification email. In such a manner you will save money on buying a fax, having no need this type of communication.

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