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What Shall I Do If I Forgot My Email Password?

forget email password Windows Live Hotmail accounts are protected well and have a safe way of password recovery. If you cannot remember the password you used to access your emails, you can set a new one. Of course, you have to be an owner of this email account. Otherwise the attempt will fail. Here is how to do this:

  • Go to password reset page of Windows Live Hotmail
  • There you need to check “I forgot my password” as a reason of recovery
  • Press Reset your password.
  • Put in your address in Windows Live ID field
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA field and press Next
  • Then you either need to enter alternate email or an answer to secret question.

If the information you enter matches the ones set in your account, you will be offered to type a new password. It should be retyped then to ensure you entered a correct one without mistakes. After you typed and retyped a new password, press Continue and Done.

The procedure is very straightforward, but still a lot of people are lost in this algo. If you have bad memory and cannot remember some specific information line answer to secret question, it is better for you to set alternative email address.

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