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Learn how to convert any number of emails in four simple steps.
How To Convert Gmail Emails To DOC
Email converters can work not only with desktop mail clients. If you use web clients, you can also create email copies and store them locally to view and edit your correspondence, while being offline. In such a way your mail history will be always on hand, even if you have no internet connection.

For these needs you can use Kite Webmail Converter, a utility that supports the most popular web mail clients such as Gmail and Yahoo. It can convert emails one-by-one or all together in batch. If you need to convert many emails, you can do this at once, as the program supports batch function. Just form a conversion batch that will contain all sources and convert them at a heat.

To select emails for conversion you just need to checkmark them in the mailbox inside the email converter. Then you need to click on Target Format icon and press the format that your emails will be converted to. In this case it is DOC. The settings wizard will popup offering you to set the following parameters:

  • Conversion mode (each email separately or combine all messages into one file)
  • File name template
  • Fields for conversion
  • Attachments processing mode
  • Header content
  • Footer content
All these parameters help to convert Gmail emails to DOC file with specific formatting and content. If you need to convert specific email fields, you just need to checkmark them in the list. Also you can set pagination to header or footer, or set any other information to be displayed in the header/footer. If you need to export messages from Gmail to DOC without any formatting, simply press Start! in the settings window. In a few seconds you will see the folder with converted emails opened automatically.

You can convert email messages for free, using the trial version of Kite Webmail Converter.