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Convert Gmail Emails to HTML
Google Mail client (Gmail) offers lots of functions for managing your mailbox. But it has one serious shortcoming its impossible to use information stored in your emails, when there is no internet connection. This problem is solved, if you have local copy of mail history. As a variant, you can convert Gmail emails to HTML format with the help of Kite WebMail Converter. This handy and compact converter can export your messages to HTML, JPEG, DOC, etc. It is all-in-one tool for various conversions of messages, stored online in web mail clients.

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Using this tool, you can export all information from your account in a minute or so, as it supports batch conversion. All you need to do is to select all required emails to one batch. In this case WebMail converter will export all sources to HTML format with the same settings. The settings can be made manually or used in default variant to save maximum time. A big advantage of this email converter is ability to convert separate fields of email originals instead of the whole message. There are the following fields:

  • Sender
  • Recipient
  • CC
  • Date
  • Subject
  • Body

You can select any of these in settings window, and only selected fields will be exported from Gmail to HTML. You can combine all message to one HTML file. It is convenient for storing emails in HTML for backup purposes or for quick search of some information by keywords. Otherwise the program will convert each email from batch into separate HTML file. All these settings are adjustable.

Kite also supports command line. You can run your Gmail HTML converter in background mode, specifying conversion commands in command line interface (CMD). You can go through the features of this useful Gmail converter for free. Download free trial and try it on!

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