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How To Convert Gmail Emails To TXT
Gmail is extremely handy mail client that stores messages on web servers. This limits the use of email history, as you cannot access Gmail account while being offline. For such cases it is better to have text copies of business correspondence stored locally. Converting the history from Gmail to TXT is one of the most suitable solutions of this problem.

gmail to txt Such kind of conversion is offered by Kite Webmail Converter. This tool is compatible with the most of web mail clients and can convert emails to various types of documents. This can be:

  • TXT
  • TIFF
  • DOC
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • TIFF

For each format the program offers various parameters for each conversion mode. If you choose Gmail TXT converter mode, you will be offered to set a range of fields for conversion, attachment processing settings, specific destination for saving TXT copies. The settings are not required ones, so you can use them only if there is such need. If to leave all parameters as by default, WebMail converter will create TXT copies will contain information from all message fields (subject, date, recipient, body, etc.), with no attachments saved or converted.

Kite WebMail Converter is able to export your mail history from any web account. All you need to do is just to specify your account login and password when starting the program. After this you will see the whole your mailbox uploaded into the program. Here you can view your inbox and convert Gmail emails to TXT, as well as other formats. It is very easy, as each conversion step is numerated and listed at the top of the program window. So you always have a hint what to do next. That is why it is a perfect tool for inexperienced users.

Kite WebMail Converter can be downloaded in free trial or ordered in a licensed version. Get your copy now!

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