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How to Add A Signature in Hotmail?

If you are a Hotmail user, you are free to personalize your email by adding some individual features. Signature can be very useful in this sense. When you sign your email messages with name, company and some contact details, a recipient will clearly know the some info about you. This is the best manner of etiquette in email communication. To make Hotmail add a signature to your messages, do this:

  • Go to Options menu in the top right corner of the window in Hotmail
  • Choose Customize Your Mail item. There you will find Personal Email Signature. Click on it
  • In the appeared window you should enter the text of signature. Here you can put any info you want such as number, position, company name, etc.
  • You can setup font style using the editor options. You can even add an URL to some of the text you enter.
  • After you finish adjustments, press Save button.

hotmail signature
To test a new signature, make up a new email. The signature should be automatically attached in the end of message.

Often people add some quotes or phrases that characterize their personality or that just seems interesting for them. You have full freedom in this sense add any texts you like in Hotmail signature

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