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How to convert Outlook emails to PDF?
What is a PDF printer?

Firstly, letís understand what a PDF is. A PDF stands for Portable Document File, it is one of the simplest and best way to send all sorts of file formats across the all computer, mobile phones or any web-based applications. Now you are probably wondering what a PDF printer is. It is basically software that helps convert any type of file format into PDFs. Wondering how to convert outlook message to PDF? Letís see how a PDF printer functions before that.

How it works?
It mimics normal printing software and what is does is when you hit the Ďprintí command is acts like itís printing your file. But in actuality it converts them as PDFs and lets you same them in any format.

So how do I convert Outlook emails to PDF?
Converting an email to PDF has many advantages like archiving, offline accessibility, easily searchable and more. The best thing you can do to have a backup of your emails is have them converted to PDFs.

Though Outlook 2007 and 2010 versions do not support conversion of emails into PDF files there are plenty of workarounds this too. Letís a look at some of the ways you understand how to convert outlook message to PDF:

  1. Adobe Acrobat
    This is the most popular choice among computer users to convert files and different file formats into PDFs. But, just because it is one of the best software that there is you end up paying a good deal of money for it too! Adobe Acrobat is already pre-programmed with a committed Outlook add-in which lets you convert a particular email message or a string of messages to a PDF file. That is not all you can even attach a PDF file that has been created earlier and even converts entire folders into PDF format all at once. They have other features which include adding encryptions and a security password. The other useful feature it includes is automatically saving your new emails as PDF file. This happens at different time periods which could be customized by you. For those of you who are not keen on using the add-in, Adobe Acrobat also come with a PDF printer!
  2. Save as PDF add-in
    This is a feature that is distinctive to Sperry Software. The features are similar when compared to Adobe Acrobat, but is easier on the pocket. Not only does it allow you to save one email or a string of emails all at once as PDFs, but it even letís you auto-save and archive all of your emails based on a condition and predefined naming conventions which helps you monitor these files and folders. You can even set it up to let you know what has happened to the file after it has been converted. For e.g. if it has been to be marked as read, deleted or printed. Knowing how to save outlook emails as PDF is not that difficult.
  3. Save a PDF macro
    This method is good for people who do not have to save the emails on a regular basis to PDF formats. In this method, if there are any hyperlinks that are inserted into the body of the email that to will show up in the converted PDF. VBA macro is one such software that allows you the right of entry to their code and installation directives for free. It basically uses the capabilities of MS Word to convert and save documents as PDFs.