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How to Import Thunderbird Account To A New PC Or OS

import thunderbird If you decided to change computer or reinstall your Windows, you can import your thunderbird account without resetting it manually. Thunderbird itself has no such tool for import, so you need to do a few manual preparations that will make it easier to setup Thunderbird in new OS:

  1. Launch Thunderbird in your old PC/OS and clean Trash and Junk folders. This is an extra content that is not needed in new system. They will just take more time for import.
  2. Close the application and navigate to the Thunderbird folder in your PC memory. It is located in C:\ Documents and Settings\[Username]\. In different versions of Windows the location is different, use search to define it.
  3. Record "******.default" folder to your portable drive or CD.
  4. Install Thunderbird on a new system and close it.
  5. Paste "******.default" folder to a proper location on a new computer.

After this your account settings will be activated in a new system. Next time you launch Thunderbird, you will see all your mails activated, similar as they were in the old version. It is far easier way then manual resetting for each mail account, if your Thunderbird contains a few mailboxes.