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How To Insert Images Into Yahoo Mail

insert images yahoo mail Followed by Gmail, Yahoo mail also allows inserting images right into the text of your email. It is just great to have ability enrich texts with illustrations like photos or diagrams. You can use any image found online and insert it using rich text editor. If you want to insert image that is not located online, just download it onto some website or file sharing service, to receive its URL. Then do this:

  • Open the image in browser using its URL
  • In another window open Yahoo! Mail and compose the message
  • Using drag-n-drop option put the picture inside the message.

Instead of drag-n-drop you can copy-paste the image by:

  • Highlighting the picture by mouse
  • Press Copy option from the context menu (or use Ctrl-C in Windows or Command-C in Mac)
  • Paste it into the message from the context menu or using key combinations like Ctrl-V in Windows or Command-V in Mac.
Keep in mind, that it is better to use images with max width or height 640 px. These images will be correctly rendered inside the email. Larger pictures can be displayed perverted. That is why before uploading photos to some file sharing service, edit their resolution.