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All That You Need to Know About Converting Emails to PDF Files
If you’ve too many emails in your account, then you probably need a backup in the form of PDF files. When you print the mails, it comes in the form of PDF, but this could lead to printing the attachments randomly. This guide will help you learn how to convert email to PDF easily with tools, such as Adobe, PDF macro, and PDF converter.

How to Convert Emails to PDF?

Not so long ago, people used to press F4 to take screenshot from mail account and then get it printed. It is valid as long as the links or texts are used with no vanity. The process of how to save an email as a PDF in Outlook is very simple, as you need no lab tinkering or extensions. There are many benefits of saving emails as PDF-

  • Preserve documents for future use
  • Easy way to track a lot of information

How to Convert Outlook Message to PDF?

Outlook 2010 and 2007 have no built-in options to save mails as PDF; but, still there are many ways to accomplish this.

PDF Add-in

Sperry Software’s Save as PDF add-in has similar functionality as Adobe Acrobat; it is more responsive and affordable due to the fact that it is created for this sole purpose. Despite saving all selected messages or single messages as PDF, it also lets users to set conditions and monitor the folder to build PDF file automatically using naming conventions. You can also customize or set text actions for what occurs, post conversion of PDF file. For example, you can mark it as print it, open document, delete it, and read it.

Adobe Acrobat

The most expensive and flexible solution when it comes to building and editing the PDF file! It has a functional Outlook add-in that allows users to convert a single text or sorted mails into PDF files. It can be appended converting a new folder or already existing folder at once. It is up to you to include the attachment in PDF file or not and you can set the compatibility, and configure security, password, and encryption settings. There is also a PDF printer that allows you to build PDF from any other app too. Learning how to save outlook emails as PDF with this method is pretty simpler. You just have to install Adobe Acrobat, like how you do with Microsoft office or Outlook. You can find 2 options, Attach as Adobe PDF and Attach as Secured Adobe PDF that helps you to save document and other attachment, such as Text, Word, and PowerPoint can be saved as PDF, protecting the files from copying, opening, deletion, printing, or editing accidentally. You can save emails to PDF clicking Launch Outlook and Adobe Acrobat options on the toolbar.

PDF Macro

You can also make use of VBA macro to save documents in PDF form; the installation guidelines are provided in the manual itself. This is the best alternative to costlier methods, if you need to do email PDF conversion occasionally.

Free PDF Converters

You can also find other free PDF converters that convert your files into PDF within no time.