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How to Use Many Signatures For Your Emails

Agree that itís very convenient to have a few signatures for signing your emails, as one address can be used for business and personal messages that should be signed differently. And MS Outlook Express, as well as Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail have this feature Ė using different signatures for one email account.

When you are writing a message in either of these email clients, you should go to Insert - Signature tab. In this menu you need to pick out the signature that will be added to the message body. It is comfortable to have one signature used by default. As a rule itís a signature that you use most often. And if there is a need to switch on another signature, just do this manually.

The programs also allow using a specific signature to every mail account connected to the client. If you need a new signature, just go to Options menu and switch to Signatures tab. There is a New item, where you should type in the new signature. Then just press OK and it will appear in the list of signatures. This way you can create as many signatures as you need.

As you see, emails have lots of adjustments that are not visible at first glance!