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How To Convert Mbox Emails To DOC
Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular mail client that allows managing emails with ease and comfort. However, to be sure that emails won’t be lost of your email account will be broken or mail server will be down, it is recommended to convert MBox emails to DOC or other text format. Being stored as a simple document, your mail history will be easily editable, printable and viewable, regardless of Internet connection.

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To create the DOC copy of your emails use Kite MBox Converter. This utility converts MBox emails to a range of formats including: DOC, TIFF, TXT, PDF, HTML, EML.

Converted from MBox to Doc the emails can be viewed in Microsoft Word. It is easy to extract specific information from the mail history. You can also modify the formatting according to your needs. For instance, if you need to convert email body only, you can set the converter not to render data from other fields like subject or recipient.

Kite MBox Converter also offers saving attached files. If some important data is stored in the attachments, you can process them by one of the following ways:

  • Store them in specific folder
  • Embed them into the DOC email copies (if they are images)
  • Convert attached texts (emails or documents) to the same format

If you have some zipped attachments, the program will process them too. This is a very handy feature for those who often deal with sending documents via email. One more useful add-on provided in this email converter is ability to convert all source emails into one DOC file. To do this, check off ‘Combine all emails into one document’ option in the settings wizard.

Kite MBox Converter automatically uploads your Thunderbird mailbox, so you can easily find requires source emails for conversion. Download it now and try all its features for free!