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The Most Useful Outlook Express Shortcuts

Emails sometimes take a lot of time, when there is a need to send and receive them regularly, especially if you deal with many accounts at once. The interface of Outlook Express is quite comfortable, but if you want to save your time on using it, you should know a set of easy-to-remember and extremely useful shortcuts. Here are the most popular ones:

Ctrl+M - sending/receiving messages in all mail accounts at a heat

Ctrl+U - going to the next unread email in the list

Alt + right arrow - going to the next email in the list

Alt + left arrow - going to the previous email in the list

Ctrl+Enter - sending an email or mark email as read

Ctrl+F - forwarding email

Ctrl+N - posting a new email

Alt+ Enter - opening message properties

Ctrl+D - deleting selected email

Ctrl+A - selecting all emails

Ctrl+O - opening selected email

Ctrl+R - replying to email author

Ctrl+Shift+R - replying to all

Esc - closing the current email

These are the most widely used shortcuts that are very helpful for quick operating your mailbox. Surely, there are a lot more key combinations you can use. Start with at least a few: for sending, receiving, composing and deleting email messages. It will make your daily mail routing much faster!

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