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Learn how to convert any number of emails in four simple steps.
How To Convert Outlook Emails to HTML
MS Outlook allows viewing emails inside the program. Sometimes it is going to be hard to extract the information from various emails and make it available for viewing by others. One of the ways to solve this problem is converting emails from Outlook to HTML format, making them viewable in a web browser. Converted to plain HTML pages, texts can be used as a content for websites, as attachments for other emails or simply stored locally as a backup.

A program that supports such type of conversion is Kite Outlook Converter. It is very handy in use, and gives ability to export emails from Outlook to various formats, starting from texts and finishing with web pages. The process is divided into a few steps:

  • Selecting email source messages;
  • Selecting target format;
  • Specifying Outlook HTML converter settings;
  • Starting conversion.

When you first open the program, it will ask you to specify path to Outlook email storage (PST file). After you do this, you will see all emails automatically exported to the program. Going through the mailbox folders in navigation pad, you can select messages for conversion. This Outlook converter easily manages with multi-conversion, so you can check all required messages and convert them together.

You can choose between combining all sources into one output HTML copy or exporting each message to separate HTML file. Converting files into one HTML page is handy when you need to make a compact copy of your mail history or some part of it. If you just need the data from message bodies for further processing, you can set the converter to export only data from body field of selected emails. As you see you can convert Outlook emails to HTML with lots of specific settings to fit your needs.

Try Kite Outlook Converter for free to get an idea how it works. Get it here!