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How To Convert Outlook Emails To PDF
PDF is a great format for converting Outlook emails, if you need to have a copy of your email correspondence in a handy format, viewable either online or in local document viewers. When exporting emails to PDF it is very important to save all information correctly and represent it in the layout convenient for viewing. It is not a problem if you have Kite Outlook Converter. This utility easily converts PST files to PDF.

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This is a perfect choice if you need a versatile Outlook to PDF converter that allows converting emals to PDF in batches. Kite Outlook Converter is valued for its powerful options:

  1. Converting email to PDF leaving specific email fields

    If you want to convert only email body without additional fields like sender, recipient etc., just uncheck them from the fields list in the options window. You can convert any set of fields, while all fields are converted by default. If needed, you can even include RFC-822 headers into conversion. Sometimes emails contain links to images in the web. If you do not want Kite Outlook Converter to include these images into the final PDF file, check 'Do not access Internet for images' option.

  2. Outlook email to PDF adding a counter to each page

    There is a great option on the program that helps you to add a counter or a date or any other info to your final PDF files. It is called Headers & Footers. Normally when people save outlook emails as PDF they end up with hundreds or even thousands of similar PDF files. Kite Outlook Converter is far more flexible. Law firms will appreciate the ability to add bates numbers to PDF files or special notices like Confidential, Commercially Sensitive, For Attorney's Eyes Only, etc. If you are not a lawyer nad just want to convert Outlook to PDF, consider adding a date or a counter to the output files. It will make the resulting files well-ordered.

  3. Export Outlook emails to PDF in batch

    It's boring and time consuming to export emails to PDF one by one. Kite Outlook Converter offers a batch mode. You either hand pick the emails or press Check All button and get all the emails in the folder checked. This way you can convert the whole Inbox folder in one go.

  4. Paper Size and Orientation

    Kite Outlook Converter allows specifying paper size when you convert Outlook message to PDF. Choose A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, letter or legal presets. Alternatively you can set your own values in inch. The Fit-to-page option ensures you get the properly fitted content.

  5. PDF properties

    When you convert outlook email to pdf, Kite Outlook Converter helps you to add document properties to your file. The right Creator, Author, Keywords, Subject and Title will make your files easier to be found. Please, note that you may get both the searchable and non-searchable PDF file depending on your settings.

  6. Signing up PDF copies for securing them

    Kite email to PDF converter can add your digital signature to the output PDF file.

  7. Renaming PDF files

    When you save email to pdf, it's nice to be able to give decriptive names to new files. Kite Outlook Converter has built-in file renamer. Use any macro you need to get the perfect result. Add the sender or date or a counter to the file name. Note that the counter can start from any digit you select. Available macros include message index (counter), mail subject, mail sender, mail recipient, mail date, source file name, first document page number.

You can convert email storage in batch that means you can export the whole inbox to PDF in a few seconds. All information stored in your messages will be converted with proper formatting that you can adjust manually. You can modify header and footer, change paper size, orientation, etc. If you just need to convert emails to PDF without special formatting, leave all settings in default values.

As you see Kite Outlook Converter is a great tool to convert email to pdf. It has all the necessary options to get the customized PDF files. It also produces PDF/A files as well as regular PDFs.

Kite Outlook Converter gives you ability to convert Outlook emails to PDF with ease - select any number of emails for conversion and get clear, readable PDF copies. You can use it for free in trial version. Try it before purchase to see what it can in action!