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Learn how to convert any number of emails in four simple steps.
How To Convert Email To Text
Text copies of your emails guarantee that you wont lose any important information, if your mail client will be deleted, broken or blocked for access. You will have always a local copy of your mail history on hand. If you want to do such a copy, you need to convert Outlook emails to TXT format using Kite Outlook Converter. This software tool is developed for exporting Outlook emails to various text and image formats, as well as to HTML, PDF, RTF.

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Converting emails to text user may encounter the following problems:

  • There is a risk of losing a part of emails content;
  • No way of converting attached documents;
  • Long time required for converting many emails from Outlook to TXT;
  • No way to convert separate email fields.

In Kite Outlook Converter all these problems are easily solved. If you need to convert only email body, without exporting date, recipient, sender, subject fields, just uncheck them in the list of fields for conversion. This option is listed in the settings window. The settings window pops up after you enable Outlook TXT converter by pressing TXT button in target format bar. Its very handy all settings can be made in one single window, going through its tabs.

Kite Outlook Converter is great to convert email to text or thousands emails at a time. Select your folder and press Check All button. All the emails will be processed in one go.

Kite Outlook Converter gives user full freedom of actions. If you need to set fields for conversion, specific destination for the future copies, other settings, you may use settings wizard. But if you want to convert email to text without special requirements, just skip settings and press Start! button. As a result Outlook converter will just export selected emails to TXT with default settings.

Kite Outlook Converter is the tool that will turn your emails to simple texts that can be edited, printed or simply stored as backup copy. It is available in free trial, get it here!