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How To Convert Outlook Express Emails To DOC
Outlook Express emails can be converted to DOC format with ease. You don’t need to do any manual copy-pasting, if you have Kite Outlook Express Converter. This converting tool is automatically synchronized with Outlook Express account and allows batch conversion. It is as simple to convert the whole mailbox, as to convert only one message.

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When you open the window of this email converter, you will see the consequence of steps required for conversion:

  1. Select source messages
  2. Select format for conversion
  3. Make settings
  4. Open folder.

In order to select source files, you need to check off required ones from the message list. You can surf through your mailbox folders right in the program. If you need to convert Outlook Express emails to DOC, press DOC button in the Target Format pop-up. The settings window will automatically appear. There you can set various options for the future copies format.

If you need to save attachments, you can select the proper attachments’ processing mode in the settings wizard. If there are images attached, they can be inserted into DOC file together with text messages. If these are documents, they can be saved in separate file. If you need to convert email messages maximally quickly, you can skip manual settings and leave them with default values.

Kite Outlook Express Converter also works from the command line. This means you can perform Outlook Express to DOC conversions from CMD processor of Windows. The whole process will be made in the background mode.

Emails contain a lot of additional information, such as recipient name, subject, sender name, etc. If you require to convert only messages without additional data, you can set the converter to render only body field content, without additional fields.

Download Kite Outlook Express Converter now in free trial to test it on your emails. You can also order a licensed version.