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How to Convert Outlook Mails into PDF?

PDF files can be very convenient especially when important documents that must not be edited needs to be transferred via mass storage device; PDF is a great way to keep the formatting intact over various platforms. PDF is a great for carrying printable documents since the formatting does not get distorted. We can look into how to convert outlook email into PDF, which is quite simple if the steps are followed properly.

Is There Any Specific Requirement for Software?
Microsoft Windows will require a complete version of Adobe Acrobat Professional or Adobe Acrobat Standard which does not allow the document to be either modified or edited. This plug-in supports the entire set of versions available of Adobe Acrobat starting right from version 6.

You can download a free 30 day trial from various websites though the official Adobe website would be the best source. You can also use PDF add-in from Sperry Software. A cost effective way would be is to save as PDF Macro. Another little trick would be is to use a virtual printer to convert your email into PDF.

These are the few common ways of how to convert outlook emails into PDF. Here are a few methods of how to convert Outlook emails to PDF using various software programs -

  1. Adobe Acrobat
    This is the most popular but expensive method of converting Outlook files into PDF. Adobe Acrobat is the standard method with regard to managing, creating and editing PDF files. Adobe Acrobat contains an exclusive Outlook add-in that allows one to convert Outlook emails with attachment into PDF with various options of converting a single email, covert with or without attachments or converting all of them in one single PDF file that makes it easy to search the document.
    There are certain other advanced options as well, for example; setting the compatibility, configuring security, password and encryption settings. You can also automatically convert Outlook emails to PFD over a pre-set period where the program will convert them for you and store them for archives. This software also has a PDF printer that allows you to make PDF files even from other applications.
  2. PDF Add-Ins
    Sperry Software have released a ‘Save as add-ins’ that is more affordable than other software; it was built just for this functionality of converting Outlook emails to PDF files. This is how to convert Outlook email to PDF the cheaper way with the same options as Adobe Acrobat. The options include saving a single email into a single PDF document, saving a bunch of selected emails with or without attachments to a single PDF document or saving selected emails into separate PDF documents with pre-set naming styles. There is an additional option of pre-setting the options as read, opened, deleted and printed.

PDF Printers
This is another simple way of how to convert Outlook email to PDF without having to pay much or install any complicated software. This is basically a virtual printer that instantly makes a PDF file of your document instead of printing it out. These are usually free or even if they’re paid software, they’re available at a low price.

PDF Macro
You can use a VBA macro that uses Word’s ability to save the documents in PDF format. Here, the VBA code and instructions for installation are available for free. This is a good option when you need to convert to PDF files occasionally. One of the main advantages of PDF Macro is that any hyperlinks remain clickable in the PDF file.