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Put Labels In Gmail During Composing A New Message

gmail labels Gmail labels are extremely popular for categorizing emails automatically. Earlier it was possible only to label already received (or sent) message, now you can label emails that are being created at the moment. It is rather simple and effortless, as the most of Gmail options:

  • Start composing an email as usual
  • Press Labels
  • Check off proper labels in the appeared list (put a tick into the checkbox opposite desired labels)
  • You can select more than one label for one email.
  • If you need to use only one label, just click on it.
  • After this continue writing the draft as usual
  • Send the email, when finished.

The selected labels will be applied to the entire thread started by the message you sent. Mention that your labels are visible only for you, not for the recipients.

You can label even messages that you send in reply to your incoming email messages. In order to do this, when composing a reply do the same: go to Labels and select required marks. Press Apply button and finish your reply, and send it. From this moment all messages received or sent in this thread will be labeled the same way.

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