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A Few Rules Of Polite Email Forwarding

advanced search in gmailThe quickest way to resend email to another person is to forward it. Every email client has this feature, and one mouse click allows sending messages again and again. But it is not so simple as it seems. Forwarding messages should also be correct and not break etiquette accepted in electronic mailing.

First of all, when forwarding messages you will show the original senderís address to future recipient. As most people prefer to share their contacts individually, it is not polite to give someoneís email to third parties. The rule #1 says to clean all addresses from forwarded message before sending. This rule doesnít work for cases when it is a public email or when people in thread know each other and are OK to share emails between.

Usually forwarded emails contain a lot of extra information like quoting and a lot of bracket characters. To make recipientís life easier, just remove all unnecessary characters, leaving the message clear and laconic.

One more important rule is not to mix the original email text with your own comments. Just type your own message above the forwarded one. Otherwise it would be hard to read that mixture. Such simple rules will help to forward messages safely and politely.