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How To Secure Emails in Microsoft Outlook

Securing emails are very important if you share some confidential information via emails. If you run Microsoft Outlook client for managing emails, you can significantly improve protection for your messages.

For this you need to get a unique digital ID from any certified authority. Then go to Tools menu, choose 'Trust Center'> 'E-mail Security'. There you will find an item called 'Get a Digital ID'. You should select 'Get an S/MIME certificate from an external certification authority' and press OK. You will get a list of authorities that provide digital ID. Choose the one from the list and follow the instructions to get your own ID. After the registration is finished you will be sent your digital ID via email.

Securing Emails in Microsoft Outlook

After getting ID go to 'E-mail Security' once more, you will find your ID under 'Encrypted E-mail' in 'Settings' menu. In order to apply it when sending an e-mail, click on 'Digitally Sign Message' in 'Options' menu, when composing a message.

You can also send an encrypted email by pressing the button called 'Encrypt Message and Attachments'. This button is a padlock over a standard letter icon. Such security means help to prevent the information from unauthorized view. Only those who have your private key can read such messages.

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