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SmartLables in Gmail: A Smart Way to Sort Out Email

If your gmail mailbox contains a lot of stuff that you do not need and just loose in it some important emails, you should apply SmartLabels to your messagesz. This feature sorts out various notifications, promo messages, advertisements and other types of emails, moving them to proper folders or marking them accordingly. So, when you simply look into the list of the emails, and you will easily find a message you need without reading.

What makes SmartLables very easy in use is that they do not require much configuration. You adjust certain categories of emails to be removed from the mailbox folder to some other folders. In this case your mailbox will be free from unwanted mail chains.

In Mail Settings menu you will find Filters tab. This is where SmartLables are created and edited. Here you can create a filter with specific smart label that will group emails by specific common feature (mail address, subject, words in the body, etc.). You can apply any rules you need, assigning different actions to your email categories (archive, move to folder, delete, etc.).

SmartLables in Gmail: A Smart Way to Sort Out Email

After all settings are made you need to check 'Apply the label' option, choose required label or create a new one. After you press on Update Filter, your new settings will be applied to the emails. Mention that you can apply the filter to only new emails or to existing mail chains too.

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