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How To Switch Between Multiple Gmail accounts Without Logging In And Out

What traditionally a person does, if he needs to switch to one more Gmail account, but doesn’t want to logout from the first? Such person opens one more browser, or switches to invisible mode in the current one, and logs in to required account. You can do it much simpler, and switch between more Gmail accounts without this action. Just setup it all once, and don’t log in/out every time:

  • Go to Gmail and log into one of your accounts
  • Click on your mail address or name at the top right corner of the window
  • Press Add account link and enter another address+password that you’d like to add.
  • Press Sign In.

Do this procedure with every Gmail account that you want to include into the list. After this all accounts will be listed under your login at the top right corner of Gmail interface. If you need to switch to another account, just press on your login and choose the required username. There is no need to enter address and password once more, as these credentials were automatically remembered.

Mention that such multiple login system implies more risk to your security – a person having access to one mail account can access the rest. That is why remember to logout every time you leave your place, if you do not want to share the info with anybody.

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