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Understanding the Need for Converting Electronic Files into PDF Format

Electronic files were introduced by computer technology so that papers are used less. There are different types of electronic file formats that are used by people for transferring and saving information on anything, which can also be shared with other computers. These electronic files make it extremely convenient for us to hand content or data. Some of the common file formats are Excel, Word, Power Point and PDF, with all of them being equally popular for their own different reasons.

Out of all these formats it is PDF or Portable Document Format, which is one of the universal formats and is very popular with all the computer users. This is why many computer users ask questions like “how can I save an email as a PDF” or “how to convert outlook mail to PDF” because all of them want their important documents to be converted in PDF format. The main reason behind the same is that this particular electronic file format presents data in a professional manner. Even multimedia content like video files or audio files can also be incorporated into this popular format.

Let us see some of the reasons why PDF is the most suited file type for most computer users:

  • These files have their own compression algorithms that compress the file sizes making it easier for transferring amongst different systems.
  • One of the advantages that make it apt for official use is that it rarely gets affected by any virus as the chances of a PDF getting affected by a Trojan is almost negligible. This is why corporate workers often wonder about how to convert an email into a PDF because they know for the fact that their data would be much safer in PDF format compared to being in its original format.
  • A user can also create all types of documents like press releases, contracts, agreements, newsletters, memos etc in PDF format and it is the application’s security feature that equips the users to protect these files.
  • Yet another big advantage of PDF format is that once it is converted into and saved the data remains intact and any kind of alteration or hampering becomes almost impossible. All you should do is disable unauthorized copying, editing, viewing or even printing.
  • Depending on your requirement you can set one or more of these features. Users even have the flexibility to include digital signatures for protecting their files or alternatively even certificates can be used for protecting PDF files. This is yet another way how PDF is safer than any other electronic file formats.
  • Users of PDF have to deal with lesser cumbersome paperwork. This cuts down a lot of time and expenses on buying paper and dealing with hard copies. This way you also don’t have to give money to courier services as you can send across PDF files through e-mail.

These are the reasons why file converting software are so popular with computer users. With the help of PDF converting software, all kinds of electronic files can be converted into this safe and secure file formats. Large enterprises do a lot of work for protecting their data; PDF is just one of the most cost-inexpensive ways of doing it.