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Stop Receiving Messages From Unwanted Addresses In Outlook

unwanted messages in outlook It is a common thing when you do not want to get messages from someone. Maybe this is a newsletter that has no turn off function or some annoying friend who likes to share his thoughts to millions of emails including yours, etc. In MS Outlook you can block any specific address from sending you new messages in future. When you read some email from the sender you want to block, you can make this immediately on screen. Blocking some other address is almost the same easy deal. The program deletes all emails from unwanted address and prevents new messages in future. Here is how to set this:

  • Open some email from needless address or check off the message in mail list.
  • Press Sweep option at the top, there you will find Delete all from… option, select it.
  • The same option is available in the context menu appearing when you hover the cursor over sender’s name.
  • Also check the option Also block future messages.

These settings will remove all emails sent from selected address from the current mail folder and prevent appearing new messages in this folder in future. So, the same actions should be made for every folder you wish to clean up.