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Convert Windows Live Emails to HTML
kite webmail converterConverting emails to HTML is a good way to make them viewable in a web browser or to be used as web pages. Also HTML email copies can be used as attachments, if you would like to send messages via email and get sure that recipient will be able to view them. As different mail clients use different formats for storing emails, converting them to one generally used file type will make them easier to share. Windows Live messages can be easily exported to HTML with the help of Kite WebMail Converter. This program is created to make information stored in emails suitable for any uses.

In order to convert Windows Live emails to HTML, after launching the program, do the following:

  • Set your Windows Live account login and password
  • Find required emails for conversion and check them off in the list
  • Select HTML as a target format to enable Windows Live HTML converter
  • Adjust conversion parameters
  • Press Start! to run the conversion.

These easy steps will provide you with correct HTML copies of your emails that do not require any coding. The program will carefully convert email to html. Besides, using this WebMail converter you can also export attachments in a few ways, depending on their type. All attachments processing ways are listed in Attachments inlay of settings window.

Managing various conversion settings is extremely easy, as all parameters are listed in one window and are logically separated to tabs. You can convert emails from Windows Live to HTML using default parameters. In this variant only text messages will be converted, with no attachment processing. Note that you can convert the entire inbox into one single HTML file, or each message to a separate HTML page.

The flexible and handy Kite WebMail Converter is also suitable for other web mail clients. Use it to convert email to html, pdf, rtf, doc, tiff or eml. Keep your emails secured from loss or adjust them for your needs!

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