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Learn how to convert any number of emails in four simple steps.
Convert Windows Live Emails to TXT
If you are running Windows Live and need to extract your email texts from there, you will need a converting tool that is compatible with this mail client. The one that is both handy and functional is Kite WebMail Converter. As Windows Live stores email history in MBox files, the program reads them and can convert Windows Live emails to TXT files in a few ways:
  • Creating exact TXT copies of email messages;
  • Convert messages to TXT with specific settings;
  • Combine a few original messages to one TXT file.

If you would like to get clear copies of your messages with all fields converted, use Windows Live TXT converter with default settings. This means you do not need to change anything in conversion settings. This is the quickest way of converting messages. You only need to select source messages directly in the program, set TXT as a target format and press Start! to run the conversion. If some special settings should be applied, use settings window that appears after you set the target format. There you can adjust WebMail converter to convert files with additional properties like converting attachments together with emails, selecting specific email fields for conversion, etc.

Kite WebMail Converter is synchronized to your Windows Live account, and you can view your email history right in the program. It is very handy for selecting sources for conversion, as everything is done in one single window.

The program can convert emails from Windows Live to TXT in batch – all required emails in one single conversion cycle. This is very useful advantage, when there is a need to convert many separate emails or the whole mailbox. In order to convert the whole inbox, click on ‘Inbox’ folder on the left side navigation panel and press ‘Select All’ in the message list. Try Kite WebMail Converter now for free, get a trial version here!

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