How to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF Format?

Microsoft Outlook is considered to be the enterprise email solution, which is packaged with the Microsoft Office application suite. It is updated once in few years so as to integrate extra security aspects and an enhanced ability to offer support for the importation and export across different file mediums and types. Many users wonder how to convert Outlook email to PDF. There’s nothing to be concerned as Outlook also supports the conversion process of email messages to word files or PDF files beginning with the Microsoft Office suite equipped with Windows Vista and XP without the need to pay for extra conversion software to accomplish the work.

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How to convert an email into a PDF?

Why convert to PDF?

People convert emails these days to mostly archive them and keep it as a record or backup of the emails they have sent or received. These days are thousands of software from free to paid ones that offer conversions of any type of file and even emails to PDF format. Now you’re probably wondering how do I with little or tech knowledge find out how to convert email to PDF?

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How can I save an email as a PDF?

Why should I want to save an email as a PDF?

 Good question! Your inbox can hold a thousand emails and more, so why should you have to painstakingly store your emails as PDFs? The answer is really simple to archive them. A PDF has many advantages and saving your emails in this format can save you a lot of hassles and time. Let’s see how:

  1. PDFs render across all Operating Systems the same way. They do not change in appearance or get all garbled.
  2. You do not have to hunt through your inbox for the email and then search for one particular part of that conversation in that thread.
  3. If anyone wants a reference of that email you can immediately send it to them without searching for it.
  4. A PDF is un-editable. It cannot be tampered with or altered in any way.
  5. A backup of all emails or at least the important ones is automatically saved even if your email client crashes.
  6. Can be viewed offline. This makes a PDF easily accessible even to those not connected to the internet.

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Detailed Guide Describing How to Save Outlook Emails as a File

Outlook has options that are great for managing emails with an array of functionalities that are convenient and very useful. Yet, it is always nice to have your emails saved in files on your local system for future reference, in the case of your email getting hacked etc. Recording a set of emails, especially if they contain crucial information of a business transaction or any such important matter; it is convenient to keep track when you have them all downloaded on your system in a single file. Learning how to save outlook emails as a file is not very difficult task, and it can be done in a few simple steps that we shall discuss below.

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All That You Need to Know About Converting Emails to PDF Files

If you’ve too many emails in your account, then you probably need a backup in the form of PDF files. When you print the mails, it comes in the form of PDF, but this could lead to printing the attachments randomly. This guide will help you learn how to convert email to PDF easily with tools, such as Adobe, PDF macro, and PDF converter.

How to Convert Emails to PDF?


Not so long ago, people used to press F4 to take screenshot from mail account and then get it printed. It is valid as long as the links or texts are used with no vanity. The process of how to save an email as a PDF in Outlook is very simple, as you need no lab tinkering or extensions. There are many benefits of saving emails as PDF-

  • Preserve documents for future use
  • Easy way to track a lot of information

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