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Format Your iPhone Mail Messages In A Smart Way

iphone emailsIt's very important to make your emails look tidy and comfortable for reading in business correspondence. Even if you are in a hurry, composing a reply on your iPhone, there is no exception for this rule. That is why don’t forget to format emails properly. If you use iPhone Mail client, you can teach it how to quote texts in reply or forwarded messages.

It is always good when quoted text is indented – then you clearly see where the quote from previous message is, and where the new text starts. To set this up in iPhone mail, do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Mail -> Contacts -> Calendars menu
  • Tap on the item called Increase Quote Level, make sure it is ON
When this option is ON, iPhone Mail will automatically indent the quoted text, recognizing it by “>” symbol. And the quoted text will be a separate block in reach formatted messages.

In the same way you can change the indent for any text in message. Just put the cursor on the line where you need to change the level of indent. Select Quote Level item in the menu. Select Increase to add indentation level or Decrease to remove it.

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